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NextLevel Business Solutions, Inc. is a professional practice management & billing solutions company dedicated to meeting all of the needs of any practice. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual and small group practices.

The practice of medicine is being devalued as the federal government is pushing doctors to practice more business than medicine. Our company firmly believes that we can help providers focus on what they had set out to do, practice medicine, while we handle your practice management needs with ultimate efficiency, transparency, and professionalism.

I started NextLevel Business Solutions, Inc. when my job as a Billing Manager was outsourced. I wanted to create a company that was more than just a Medical Billing company, I wanted to create a valuable resource for providers looking to increase time spent with their patients and grow their business. NextLevel is a "Business Solutions" company offering medical providers an array of services all designed to save them time and money, so they can focus more on their patients and take their business to the Next Level!

Innovative Practice Analysis and Code Review software provides NextLevel the vehicle it needs to properly detect and diagnose what Business Solutions will have the most impact on a provider's business. Whether its Patient Well Care Services, Digitizing paper records, Coding, Transcription or Patient and Insurance Billing and Collection Services, NextLevel Business Solutions, Inc. can put together an effective and efficient plan for any medical provider. Once the solutions are determined it's time to let NextLevel Business Solutions, Inc., and its team of medical billers, knowledge and experience work for the provider!